Technical details

An environmentally-friendly wood product that keeps homes comfortable!


The particularities of the internal structure of Eastern white cedar wood grant it exceptional insulating properties – even if the wood is so light.


White cedar shingles are ideal to protect against harsh winter conditions and seashore climates.

Many prefer the natural look of cedar shingles, which, as it ages, takes on a silvery grey satin finish. However, cedar shingles react very well to various surface coatings, tinctures and paints available on the market. It's simply a matter of taste.

    Did you know that...?


The high insulating properties of Eastern white cedar wood prevent heat loss but also reduce noise.



Mechanical properties

Eastern white cedar offers excellent dimensional stability and standard characteristics in terms of flexibility and shock resistance. It is a very popular choice for exterior uses.



Cedar is one of the most durable and light woods available in Eastern Canada. The oil it contains serves many purposes, including making it among the most mould-resistant of all temperate wood species – without requiring any treatment.