Most frequently asked questions by customers:

  1. Do you sell shingles to particulars?
    Yes, we will be happy to serve you!
  2. What are the differences between each product? Extra, Clear, 2nd Clear.
    For more information, consult the chart at http://lesbardeauxlajoie.com/en/our-products to find out more about the different qualities and various ways shingles can be used based on product selection. To discuss your project or get advice, please contact us.
  3. What product should we use for walls, for roofs?
    Class A Extra or Extra RR as well as Class B Clear or Clear RR are the best choices for wall and roofs durability-wise. You can also use Class C 2nd clear (walls only), depending if the product is exposed to severe weather or not. 
  4. Needs more information to compare regular and double RR shingles.
    Regular shingles is cut at a slight angle. This angle is apparent when individual shingles are installed. If you prefer a perfectly aligned wall, we recommend using the double RR. This picture illustrates the difference.
  5. How is the product installed?
    Please consult the installation guide on our website for helpful tips on installing shingles. We strongly recommend that you respect recommended distances between each shingle and between each row to ensure a proper, quality and durable installation.
  6. Can the product be installed directly on plywood?
    No. Proper air circulation behind the shingles is absolutely essential. Moreover, plywood is not a solid enough base for shingles to remain solidly in place.
  7. What product can be applied to shingles?
    Tincture, varnish, but never paint.
  8. Can you help me estimate the volume or quantity of shingles I will need?
    We provide a calculator. Adding 5 to 10% to your result is recommended to ensure a sufficient quantity for your project.