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Definitively modern, cedar shingles are a 100% natural material that adapts perfectly to any all types of architecture. Offering a covering of superb quality with no need for treatment.


Simple to manufacture, Eastern white cedar can easily be nailed or stapled. It dries easily

and is known to be suitable to all applications.

Making a choice is all you need!

    Did you know that...?


The grey coloration typical of aged shingles is actually mineral salts that rise to the surface to form a coating.



  Class Images Description Use
  « A » Extra Regular and Extra RR*

Blue label

  • Very light colour
  • Very high quality
  • Knots-free surface
  • Core of the tree
  • Exterior walls and roofs covering
  • Roofs
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Increased resistance
  • Look and durability
  « B » Clear Regular and Clear RR*

Green label

  • Rich colour
  • Standard quality
  • No knots on the exposed portion (6")
  • Exterior walls covering extérieurs
  • Steep roofs
  • Interior decoration
  « C » 2nd Clear

Yellow label

  • Colour vary from brown to beige
  • Secondary economic quality
  • Healthy knots on the surface
  • Rustic appearance
  • Exterior walls of structures
  • Interior decoration
  « D » (Utility)

White label

  • 3" to 6" in width
  • Uneven colour
  • Many defaults accepted
  • Varied secondary uses
  Shim 42 shim
  • 1'' ¼ in width
  • Installation of doors and windows

* The double R is a winning choice! Its crosscut offers an impeccable finish that eliminates the need for adjustments when installed. An economy of time. A remarkable look and finish.


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